Zoom Dive Recordings | How creative entrepreneurs can leverage Web3 for business success

3D render of Web3 concept.

NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse… these terms all created a lot of hype back in 2021 and 2022. But are blockchain technologies still a thing – and if so, what opportunities can creative entrepreneurs tap into?

In our recent Zoom Dive, we talked to Kristina Dimitrova, CEO of INTERLACED,  a media and events platform that focuses on the future of fashion, beauty and retail, and how technology is changing these industries. Kristina enlightened us about what happened to NFTs and how Web3 can be used today to build a creative business.

Listen to this Zoom Dive recording to discover:

  • Kristina’s background and how she became CEO of INTERLACED.
  • What the Metaverse actually is.
  • The history of Web1 and Web2, and how Web3 is different.
  • Why the buzz around NFTs has diminished.
  • Interesting facts about blockchain sustainability.
  • How creative entrepreneurs can leverage the gaming space.
  • The latest digital fashion trends.


Extra resources

Kristina also wanted us to share some useful links for the benefit of CE readers:

  • Opensea – where you can learn all about NFTs.
  • Gucci Metaverse – for a multi-directional experience of NFTs and other Web3 wonders.
  • Kristina’s email – if you want to reach out about volunteering opportunities.

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