Our mission at Creative Entrepreneurs is simple: to equip and inspire creative people to turn their ideas into thriving creative businesses. We do this through our events and training courses, our online content and through our membership programme. We are also committed to supporting entrepreneurship in the creative sector at a more macro level. So we were delighted and honoured when the Prime Minister’s special advisor on Business, Jimmy McLoughlin, asked us to host a Roundtable on Creative Entrepreneurship at No.10 Downing Street.

The Roundtable was particularly significant as it was the first of its kind. As McLoughlin said, No. 10 has lots of meetings on entrepreneurship, but it had never had a Roundtable specifically on entrepreneurship in the creative sector.

We invited key figures from across the creative enterprise ecosystem, from successful independent creative entrepreneurs Mills Miller of ustwo and Charlotte Tilbury, to education leaders Pat Loughrey, Warden at Goldsmiths, and Francois Ortalo-Magné, Dean of London Business School, to creative startup investors Carmen Busquets, the first investor in Net-a-Porter, and Denzyl Feigelson, of Platoon, to cultural leader Alice Black, Director at the Design Museum, digital guru Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult,  Malcolm Murray, Head of Corporate Finance at creative industries law firm Lee & Thompson and Shaun Beaney of ICAEW.

Subjects discussed included the government approach to supporting creative entrepreneurship, and the lack of awareness about it in the UK, particularly among parents and teachers, who are often not aware of the economic success of creative businesses and founders. We also discussed the  benefits creative entrepreneurship provides to the economy, as well as discussing the Industrial Strategy sector deal (to be announced), how prominent figures in the sector can support advocacy for creative entrepreneurship and the importance of supporting creative subjects in education.

The Roundtable facilitated a lively and impassioned discussion. Attendees relished the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences with No. 10 in a forum specifically focused on creative entrepreneurship, that had never been available to them before. A number of actionable ideas resulted, which we are following up with McLoughlin. We very much look forward to bringing a number of initiatives to life which will drive forward opportunities and innovation in creative entrepreneurship.