By its very nature, being a Creative Entrepreneur involves having a lot to juggle. Thankfully there is a vast array of websites and apps that can help you manage and grow your business in the creative industries.

From apps to help with content writing, movie making, editing pictures and making sketches, through to platforms for managing your finances, your social media accounts and your hectic daily schedules – here we outline some of our favourite apps to help you manage your busy workload.

For Design Inspiration - Dribbble

Price: Free

OS: Android

Think Tumblr, but specifically for artists and designers to showcase their creative work. On Dribbble you’ll find graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers and other creative types sharing small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects.

Dribble simultaneously serves as a portfolio, somewhere to meet collaborators and a platform to browse to find inspiration. It encourages constructive feedback between users, and the established network of designers are always keen to connect with other creative people. Also check out the similar Colourlovers, a community of creative people sharing their favourite colour scheme and pattern inspiration.

For Building Your Website: Squarespace

Price: Subscriptions start at £12 per month


Want to build a professional, beautiful website for your company without hiring a designer or coder? Try using the website building platform SquareSpace. It's very easy to use and comes with a host of clean, contemporary templates ready for you to simply drop in your content. No need for a coder or design specialist – Squarespace makes it super easy to build, update and manage your own website.

For Playing With Ideas: Tayasui Sketches

Price: Free or upgrade to Pro for £3.99

OS: iOS, Android

Take notes and explore new ideas in the most creative way possible, by using Tayasui Sketches to help you draw and illustrate your latest brainwave. This clever, playful drawing application asks users to “stop thinking about the device, enjoy the sensation of drawing on paper” providing a host of tools in the ‘art kit’, to help you to add life, fun and creativity to your notes and brainstorms. Check out Paper by 53 for similar app.

For Note-Keeping: Evernote

Price: Basic is free, subscriptions start from £29.99 per year

OS: iOS, Android

Evernote is a go-to app for many start-up entrepreneurs, in the creative sectors and beyond, due to its multifunctional nature. Although primarily a note-making app, Evernote allows users to save all sorts of content in a variety of ways, including video, images and voice recordings – perfect for collecting inspiration and helping to develop creative ideas. The app automatically syncs your data across all of you devices, making notes instantly available while you’re on the go.

For Team Work: Wunderlist

Price: Free

OS: iOS, Android

This app is similar to Evernote, but contains a more team oriented feature that gives it a collaborative edge. With a slick user interface, this platform makes creating lists a more fun and a lot more functional. It also allows users to invite team members to created lists and notes to help effectively manage projects and team work!

For Image Editing: Pixelmator

Price: £1.49


Pixelmator is one our favourite apps for picture editing and photography and creating image assets. It offers all the features you need to produce the perfect images for marketing campaigns, social media and beyond. Edit images on a layer-based format, touch up blemishes and enhance the lighting, contrast, and more. Or alternatively, use the shapes, colour palettes and sketch and paint tools to create something truly unique to engage your audience. Intuitive and fun to use!

You may also want to check out similar apps such as VSCO or Enlight for helping you to get creative with your imagery on the go!

For Your Expenses: Shoeboxed

Price: Free, upgrade from $15 per month

OS: iOS, Android

Always misplacing business receipts? Look no further, Shoebox is a receipt tracking app that allows you to snap a picture of every receipt you have to help ease the process of tracking your expenses. Shoebxed also generates full expense reports and has a feature to help you catalogue business cards and a feature to track your mileage when on business trips, helping to keep all your useful expense related data secure in one place!

For Going Paperless: TinyScanner

Price: Free, upgrade to Pro from £3.99

OS: iOS, Android

TinyScanner does exactly what its name implies! This app allows you to ‘scan’ or take photographs of your documents and efficiently converts them into sharable PDFs – all from your mobile phone! In addition to creating effortless digital copies of your important paper documents, it also makes it easy to manage them by integrating seamlessles with platforms such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive.

For Writers Block: Writing Challenge

Price: £2.99

OS: iOS, Android

Suffering from writer's block? Or want to try a spot of ‘creative cross training’ in the form of creative writing? Try this app that provides you with writing prompts to fuel your inspiration and overcome your fear of the blank page.

For Email Marketing: MailChimp

Price: Basic subscription is free

OS: iOS, Android

Launching a new product? Announcing an exciting collaboration? Got something you’d really like to share with your customers? MailChimp can help you master email marketing, through it’s easy to use templates, mail tracking tools, automation campaign set-ups, basic segmentation, reporting and much, much more. Another perk is that the platform is free until you have more than 2000 email addresses in your database!

For Managing Your Social Media: Buffer

Price: Free

OS: iOS, Android

Schedule, publish and analyse all your social media activity, across all platforms from one place!  Images, video and text, can all be uploaded to Buffer and scheduled to be published, from the platform you select, at the time you choose.This app is essential for Creative Entrepreneurs managing social media content across multiple platforms, and frees up time for you to direct to making your content as creative and fun as possible.