Nesta Launches Amplified, a Pilot Programme Supporting Creative Organisations Seeking to Develop Digital Ideas That Generate Social Impact

November 1, 2018

We are looking for ambitious proposals that:

  • Have a clearly identified positive social outcome(s) and a persuasive case of why the digital idea will make a difference to this outcome
  • Ideas that are rooted in digital technology first and foremost. Digital innovation needs to be at the heart of your idea but the intervention can expand beyond digital to incorporate a live performance, exhibition, festival etc
  • Existing digital projects will also be considered if they require further development, and can demonstrate impact at scale that is clearly aligned with a beneficiary group
  • We encourage collaborations with other organisations both inside and outside of the creative industries e.g third sector or public services, however it must be clear in your application the creative/cultural organisation is the lead organisation
  • Can demonstrate the potential for impact at scale


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