DACS Launches ‘Fair Share For Artists’ Campaign and Requests Support

July 3rd 2019

The Artist’s Resale Right gives artists a fair share of the rising value of their work and is an essential source of income. 

Valued at £101.5 billion in 2019, the UK’s creative industries are booming. The contemporary art market is a huge part of this success, but the benefits are not being felt by artists.

Visual artists have an average annual income of £5,000. Royalties pay for studio space and materials, helping them to continue creating the artworks our art market depends on.

Artists’ estates use royalties to fund essential but labour-intensive activities such as cataloguing, archiving and restoration; maintaining culture for future generations.

Since 2006, DACS has paid over £80 million in Resale Right royalties for artists and their estates. They want to secure this source of income for artists.

Show that the art world is united in support of artists by supporting DACS!

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Fair Share For Artists