Zoom Dive Recordings | How to tell stories that truly connect with your audience

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Ever struggled with getting your target audience to feel as passionate about your creative business as you do? One way to make meaningful connections is to master the art of storytelling – Amanda Harrison, the founder and creator of the 5 Stories methodology, explains how.

Storytelling has been around practically forever. We grow up reading and listening to stories that excite the imagination, make us curious and leave us wanting more. In recent years, storytelling has become a buzzword in the world of business as more and more brands are realising that stories bring people together and can spark an emotional connection.

So how exactly do you share your story in a way that people can resonate with? We invited storytelling expert Amanda Harrison along to one of our Zoom Dives to explain how to convey your creative business’ story using five tried and tested angles. We recorded the session in full, so you can catch up here if you missed it live.

Listen to Amanda’s Zoom Dive recording to learn:

  • Why storytelling is crucial more than ever before.
  • How to drill down into the real reason you’re in business.
  • What the 5 Stories framework is all about.
  • How to use the framework to tell new, awe-inspiring stories as your business changes or grows.
  • And much more!


Bonus materials

After this Zoom Dive, Amanda kindly shared some brilliant resources that have inspired her to tell amazing stories. Check them out below, as they’ll inspire you too!

You can also access Amanda’s 5 Stories Guidebook to help you get going with telling your business story.


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