Zoom Dive Recordings | How to run a social enterprise

Painting with assorted colours

Do you dream of building a social enterprise and making a real impact in society? In this Zoom Dive recording, we talk to Ajay Pabial, about his journey to become the founder of social enterprise, Art Clubbers CIC.

After leaving university with a BA in Fine Art, Ajay struggled to find work within the sector. He identified that this was a challenge facing many young creatives coming out of higher education.

As a result, Ajay set up Art Clubbers CIC in 2018, to help young people from minority groups and disadvantaged social backgrounds get into the creative industries. Since the inception of Art Clubbers CIC, Ajay and his team have worked directly with policymakers and councils to introduce programs that bring about real change to the lives of those that participate.

In this Zoom Dive recording, you’ll hear all about the vision for Art Clubbers and the highs and lows of building this value-driven business.


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