Zoom Dive Recordings | How to become a thought leader

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Thought leadership is all about becoming a maverick thinker or change-maker in your field. It involves sharing expert insights from original research, developing a strong personal brand and having remarkable influence and opinions on how your industry works. You may be a thought leader if you’re innovating or disrupting within your industry.

In this Zoom Dive, our founder, Carolyn Dailey, talks to Deborah Rey-Burns, founder of Propela, about thought leadership in the creative industries.

Listen to this hour-long recording to discover:

  • What it takes to become a thought leader – and how to apply thought leadership to your creative business.
  • How to monetise your knowledge and spread expert insights within your industry.
  • How to grow your audience and develop a strong personal brand.
  • How an agent can help with getting speaking engagements and event bookings.

*You may find this glossary of event industry ‘speak’ helpful as a reference when you’re listening.



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