Zoom Dive Recordings | The hidden power of goal setting for creative businesses

Hitting the target concept - goal setting

Do you avoid goal setting, believing it to be a rigid process that stifles your creative flow? If so, check out this Zoom Dive recording where Anna Kowalska explains why setting goals is an essential business activity if you want to pave your way to creative business success.

Anna Kowalska is a consultant, facilitator and trainer with more than 13 years of experience working at Google in Learning & Development. She now mentors start-ups on various business processes, including goal setting using the OKR methodology. (Google uses it, so it must be good.)

In this Zoom Dive, Anna explains what goals can do for your creative business and how to get to the WHY of your goals to achieve great results. As an OKR coach, Anna also gives an introduction to this tried and tested, collaborative, goal-setting approach.

This is what you’ll discover in Anna’s Zoom Dive recording:

  • Why goals are important – and why creatives tend to avoid setting them.
  • How to set effective goals that work to grow your business.
  • The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework and how it’ll help you set meaningful, challenging goals.
  • Practical tips for goal setting.
  • How to accurately measure your goals – and when you should review them.
  • And more!


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