Zoom Dive Recordings | Getting started with podcasts

Podcast microphone against orange background

Thinking about starting a podcast for your creative business? It’s a brilliant idea – podcasting can act as a valuable promotional tool, helping you build authority in your niche, increase visibility and grow your audience. It can also provide another business income stream and give you a creative outlet to express your thinking and knowledge.

Getting your show up and running, however, can seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re not a ‘techy’ person. How exactly do you start one? What equipment do you need? Do you need to invest much money and time to make your podcast successful?

David Pérez knows the answers to these questions – and so many more. He’s a full-time podcast producer and the founder of Talking Silkworm, a business that supports Health and Wellness Coaches, and Business Coaches, to start and publish their own podcasts. He’s also the host of Audience Coach, a podcast produced by Talking Silkworm.

We picked David’s brain about getting started with podcasting during a recent Zoom Dive event. If you missed it, don’t worry! Catch up on the recording of it below:

This Zoom Dive recording covers:

  • How to start a podcast (and when you should).
  • How to find your niche.
  • The various tasks involved in podcasting, other than creating content.
  • The amount of time and energy you need to invest in each episode.
  • The equipment that’s worth investing in to ensure your show sounds great.
  • How to monetise your podcast.
  • Common podcasting mistakes.
  • Tips on getting the best out of your podcast.
  • And more!


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