Our top five Zoom Dives of 2021

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Zoom Dives are our regular in-conversation virtual events, where we talk to creative industry experts about hot business topics, like PR, digital marketing, funding, hiring, diversity, and so much more.

We’ve been looking back over the Zoom Dives we’ve hosted this year and identified the five most popular sessions. Here they are below, along with their recordings on Soundcloud (so you can catch up and make notes if you missed them the first time around).

1. A DIY guide to personal branding and PR

We know that PR is a top priority for creative entrepreneurs since two sessions on this topic have made it into our top five. First up – our Zoom Dive with Lucy Werner, a publicity expert, the founder of PR, design and marketing agency The Wern and author of the books Hype Yourself  and Brand Yourself. Lucy talked about how you don’t always need to hire a big-league PR agency or spend a fortune to ‘PR and brand’ your startup. If you enjoyed this Zoom Dive you can learn more about the topic through her CE Masterclass on personal branding

2. Everything you need to know about sustainable fashion

Fast fashion is convenient and affordable, but it also has many downfalls, including environmental impact and exploitation of overseas workers. Jodi Muter-Hamilton is the founder of Black Neon Digital, a sustainable fashion consultancy and one of the UK’s leading ethical fashion campaigners. In our conversation with Jodi, she explained how she got started in business and provided valuable insights on the fashion industry in general.

3. How to spot trends and insights

If you want to get a jump on the competition and create in-demand products or services, using cultural insights can help you spot new trends. We talked to cultural consultant, Amy Daroukakis, to unpack tips and tricks that’ll help you connect with your target audience and predict what they’ll want next.

4. Presenting yourself online

In this digital age, how you present yourself online is everything. Verity Babbs handles artist liaison at Rise Art, a platform that connects art collectors with artists. During this session, Verity revealed how you can improve your online presence through portfolios, websites, biographies and social media to help sell your work with ease.

5. Starting from zero; PR on a shoestring budget

Our Zoom Dive with Jessica Barlow, founder of No Agency Method, focuses specifically on developing a solid PR strategy with little or no budget. Jessica explained that the first step is to upskill yourself in PR to understand how the process works, and so you become a champion of your own brand before even thinking about outsourcing. She also shared many practical tips on building relationships with journalists, aligning PR with your business goals, getting into dream publications, being proactive with PR and more.


You can access more recordings from past Zoom Dive events in our Journal. And, if you fancy catching our next Zoom Dive as it happens, browse our Events calendar and sign up for free.