Now more than ever, we need to hear the stories of creative entrepreneurs | Why we started The Founder Files

The back-stories of creative entrepreneurs are gripping — precisely because they are such unlikely entrepreneurs, in the typical sense of the word. They rarely set out on that path, but instead, being led by creative passion, have found their way, by hook or by crook, to entrepreneurial success. That leads to highly individual stories of charting the unknown, determination, and overcoming obstacles.

This is why back in 2016 we launched ‘The Founder Files’ (yes, a tongue-in-cheek nod to The X-Files of which we are massive fans) an in-conversation series featuring leading entrepreneurs from across the creative sectors.

In each instalment, we aim to get under the hood of creative business during an open and direct conversation about the ‘how-tos’ ‘failures’ and ‘lessons learned’

Creative people are the ultimate storytellers — spinning tales in our favourite languages of music, fashion, film, design, and art. These are the stories that move us, touching all our senses and emotions.

That’s usually pretty much where we leave it. We may know a few other things about these master storytellers — what and whom inspires them and where they hope to take their creative vision next. But we rarely hear the other side of the story — how these people have found a way to make a living from their creativity, which, unless they’re the recipients of public or private largesse, they’ve necessarily worked out how to do. In fact, many of them are doing so very successfully, overseeing their own companies, employees, and balance sheets.

How do they do that? While there is a mass of available business advice, it’s almost exclusively aimed at business people. How did these creative entrepreneurs even start, given that most creative people have no interest or training in business?

This is what our community at Creative Entrepreneurs tells us they want most — to learn from and talk directly to these role models. And to meet their own peers and the wider creative startup ecosystem in the process.

Previously we have hosted The Founder Files in fantastic cultural spaces around London. In these spaces, we spoke to key titans of industry including Matthew Slotover, the co-founder of Frieze and The Sackler Gallery, IMDB Founder Col Needham, and beauty industry icon Charlotte Tilbury.

We have now moved The Founder Files online as part of our first-of-it’s-kind online membership platform and event series. Last year we interviewed Nik Roope about his design business. followed by Mills Miller the co-founder of gaming and app development studio,  UsTwo and on April 26th, 2021 we are delighted to be talking to Kevin Osborne.

Kevin Osborne has spent the last 30 years as a leader, producer, and developer in the arts and creative industries supporting BAME talent. He has worked as an executive producer in the music industry; a consultant in the arts and undertaken extensive research on BAME leadership at Bath University and the Clore Leadership Programme.

He founded MeWe360, a social enterprise established in 2012 to support BAME entrepreneurial talent in reaching its full potential and to promote a more equitable and representative sector.

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