Listen Up! Fashion Podcasts Round-Up

Podcasts are a great way to gain insider information and glimpses into the creative world, In this round-up, we look at some of our favourite Fashion podcasts so you can get the story behind the clothes. Whether you are looking for insider business information, trend tips, or the history of your favourite garment, there is something in this list, for you.

Dressed: The history of fashion Arguably the gold standard of fashion podcasting, Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan’s series for iHeartRadio has built a loyal audience with its eclectic lineup of deep dives into fashion past and present. Listen to the show here

Corporate lunch If you’re looking for a podcast sitting right at the fashion zeitgeist, Corporate Lunch—hosted by GQ editors Noah Johnson, Rachel Tashjian, and Samuel Hine—is the one for you, with hot takes on everything from Christian Girl Autumn to their favourite Timothée Chalamet fits. Available to stream here 

The Business of Fashion is known as one of the most reliable sources for up-to-date fashion news and industry goings-on, perfect for anyone looking to lift the lid on what some of the titans of industry are up to, Try it out here 

Fash-on, Fash-Off  This weekly podcast takes an irreverent look at fashion week and the industry at large in an attempt to answer one big question: ‘how did we get here?’ Hosted by i-D’s arts and culture editor Matthew Whitehouse, expect an alternative take on all things fashion, gender, and youth culture.

Fashion unzipped Features a rotating cycle of voices from the fashion desk of the Daily Telegraph, expect frank and often funny discussions of the biggest fashion news stories of the day, how they impact women in the real world and how they relate to wider shifts in business, politics, and culture.

The Wardrobe Crisis New guests each week are interviewed  about fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism, and the environment

The Future of Fashion Podcast by Vogue Business is an excellent resource for understanding how some of the best, especially luxury brands are making moves in the fashion market 

What were you thinking? With Henry Holland Join Henry Holland on a sartorial journey like no other where he speaks to ICONIC guests about the looks that changed their lives and the stories behind them. Listen here

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