Press play: eight inspiring and educational podcasts for game designers

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Want to break into the gaming industry – or perhaps you’re already on the inside and need to level up your know-how and skills? Game design podcasts are a valuable resource for learning what it’s like to be an indie developer and what it takes to make a great game.

We’ve rounded up some of the most educational and entertaining podcasts around where you can pick up tips and insights on all aspects of game design and creation from industry experts. Here they are below:

1. Designer Notes

The Designer Notes podcast is for anyone interested in game design as well as game developers. It’s where Soren Johnson, the founder of Mohawk Games, has insightful discussions with notable designers about defining moments in their careers and how they approach the creative decision-making process. You’ll get lots of insights into why and how games are made and how the business of game design works.

2. Building the Game

In Building the Game, Jason Slingerland has informal chats with fellow game designers about the ins and outs of designing tabletop games. With 570+ podcast episodes to catch up on, you’ll discover all aspects of game inception and creation, including coming up with ideas, prototyping and play testing. Reviewers describe this podcast as ‘fun’, ‘food for thought’ and ‘like hanging out with good friends’!

3. Clockwork Game Design Podcast

The Clockwork Game Design Podcast is hosted by Keith Burgun, a successful independent game designer and author known for the award-winning tactics game Gem Wizards and the Roguelike games 100 Rogues and Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. His podcast features academic views and opinions from industry professionals on game design theory.

4. Nerdlab Podcast

Specifically focused on card and board games, the Nerdlab Podcast will arm you with knowledge about development tools, card design, game mechanics, marketing and how to launch a Kickstarter campaign. You’ll get an analytical perspective on game creation, storytelling, developing characters and how to improve the player experience.

5. Coffee with Butterscotch

Butterscotch Shenanigans, headed up by three brothers, is the video game studio behind Crashlands®, Levelhead®, Flop Rocket and more. And Coffee with Butterscotch is the studio’s comedy-driven, indie podcast where you can enjoy the brothers’ camaraderie, learn how video games are made (and sold) and get insights on running a game studio.

6. Think Like a Game Designer

The Think Like a Game Designer podcast is a solid starting point if you want to get into game design. Host Justin Gary breaks down the step-by-step process for designing games and helps you to unlock your creative potential. One recent Apple Podcasts review states that the information provided is so valuable and important to any level of game designer.

7. The Game Design Round Table

Aimed at inspiring and educating both budding and experienced game designers, The Game Design Round Table offers a progressive look into game design across various disciplines. Hosts Dirk Knemeyer and David V. Heron are game designers themselves and cover meaty topics like designing thematic games, design axioms, listener questions and the lifecycle of game design.

8. GameDev Loadout

Hosted by Tony Chan, GameDev Loadout helps game developers learn the tactics, tools and routines they need to succeed from 100+ experts who’ve been there and done it. Even though this podcast hasn’t been updated for a while, there are 117 episodes worth listening to for tips on success and mistakes to avoid.


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