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Finance Basics


This basic introduction to finance explores the fundamentals for new startups. Learn how to set everything up properly from the get-go to avoid problems new businesses tend to run into.

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Leadership for Business Growth

Learn important fundamentals of effective leadership as you grow your team and scale your business. Pick up powerful techniques for refining your self-awareness, increasing your empathy and fine-tuning your leadership style.

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Creating a Unique Business Plan

This Masterclass takes you on a journey to developing a business plan that’s a true reflection of you. You’ll learn how to look at your past experience in a completely fresh way, to unlock new opportunities and revenue.

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Legal Basics for Creative Business

With early-stage enterprises, most disputes and legal tangles arise because some simple actions and precautions weren’t taken from the get-go. So this Masterclass is all about helping you start off right – to stop things going wrong later.

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Launching our new Podcast | Conversations we need to hear now

Carolyn Dailey, Founder of Creative Entrepreneurs, introduces our brand new podcast in which she interviews the most innovative and inspiring people across the creative startup ecosystem — founders, investors, educators, policymakers and cultural leaders — the people who are playing their part to help creative businesses succeed.

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Hitting the target concept - goal setting

Zoom Dive Recordings | The hidden power of goal setting for creative businesses

Do you tend to avoid goal setting, believing it to stifle your creative flow? In this Zoom Dive recording, Anna Kowalska explains what goals can do for your creative business and gives an overview of the tried and tested OKR methodology used by the likes of Google for setting ambitious, measurable goals.

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Colour palettes in design concept

Eight brilliant graphic design resources to bookmark for your next project

Graphic design resources like pre-existing fonts, imagery and icons can speed up your creative process and spark an idea when your creative flow gets jammed. Here’s a list of free or cost-effective resources that you can tap into when time is tight, your creativity is staling, or the budget won’t stretch to cover something bespoke.

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PR concept: news heading on typewriter paper
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How-To Guide | Save thousands doing your own PR 

A common myth about PR is that it’s complicated, confusing and costly (and only experts know how it works). This How-To Guide debunks that myth. Discover how it’s actually easy, effective and economical to do your own PR – and use our empowering hints and hacks to get started.

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Tide Banking

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Founder File of the Season

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Roksanda Ilincic, Founder, ROKSANDA

Roksanda Ilincic is a London-based fashion designer that’s taken the global fashion industry by storm. In this fascinating Founder File, our founder, Carolyn Dailey, interviews Roksanda about how she created a business that’s the talk of the fashion world today.

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The hidden power of goal setting for creative businesses


You might think goal setting is all hype – plain bureaucracy, a block on flexibility or just not that relevant for creative businesses. Anna Kowalska joins us in this Zoom Dive session to prove otherwise. You’ll discover why setting goals is essential if you want to pave your way to real, tangible success. Expect to hear what goals can do for your business, an introduction to the OKR goal-setting framework and plenty of practical tips to help you set ambitious yet meaningful objectives.



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