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Scaling Your Creative Business Part 2: Scaling in Action

Nick Maynard’s Masterclass on Scaling Your Creative Business is in two parts and you need to begin by watching Part 1: Laying the Foundations. Seen it? Then welcome to Part 2: Scaling in Action, which focuses on getting your business poised and ready for sustainable growth.

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  • Mindset and wellness

Finding Your Values, Mission and Vision

Lots of people say you must have a ‘mission’, ‘vision’ and ‘values’ to run a successful business. But aren’t these just marketing buzzwords? Not when Phil Askew is around. Prepare for an illuminating inner journey, with many “Aha!” moments.

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  • Scaling and growth

Scaling Your Creative Business Part 1: Laying the Foundations

There are lots of courses and resources out there to help you start your own business. But there’s very little support for successful startups a year or so down the line when it comes to scaling. Cue Nick Maynard who’s here to answer the question, “Now what?”

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  • Business fundamentals

Finance Basics


This basic introduction to finance explores the fundamentals for new startups. Learn how to set everything up properly from the get-go to avoid problems new businesses tend to run into.

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  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Event of the Month

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A beginner’s guide to NFTs


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are being hailed as the next big thing – the digital answer to owning collectables. But what exactly are they? And why do you, as a creative entrepreneur, need to know about them? We’ll be talking with Tim Jarvis,co-founder of Fabrik, to learn about NFTs: what they are, how they work, and how you can get involved in the NFT space and leverage them to your advantage.

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How to make working for yourself, work 

Ready to leave the safety net of employment and become your own boss? It’s an exciting decision, going solo. Whether you’re founding a new business or taking the plunge to go freelance, here are some useful tips to help you make a smooth transition.

  • How-to guides
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Power up your productivity: ten podcasts to help you get things done in 2022

Productivity podcasts are a brilliant resource to tap into when you find yourself getting distracted, demotivated or stuck in a rut with your creative business. Take a look at these podcast gems that’ll inspire you to get more done in the year ahead.

  • Useful resources

The rise of NFTs and their impact on the creative world

“NFT” (non-fungible token) has been named word of the year by Collins Dictionary. Collins describes an NFT as “a unique digital certificate, registered in a blockchain, that is used to record ownership of an asset such as an artwork or a collectible.” The past few months have seen new emerging creatives take the spotlight with their NFT successes, but household names, like Ozzy Osbourne and Reese Witherspoon, are also going all in. Our founder Carolyn Dailey weighs in on the impact of NFTs on the creative world.

  • Industry insights
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How to create a winning digital marketing strategy

Beginners to digital marketing tend to make this common mistake: trying to get onto every platform at once. Find out why this is a bad idea, plus discover how to get your digital marketing journey off to a promising start with plenty of dos, don’ts and toolkit necessities.

  • How-to guides

Member Spotlight of the Month

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Andrew Wainstein, Founder of Campfire

Andrew Wainstein

Andrew Wainstein is a qualified coach and the founder of Campfire, a venture that brings people together for meaningful conversations that bring focus to work and life priorities.

Business highlights:

  • Founded Fantasy League after introducing the concept of fantasy football to the UK in the early nineties.
  • Created the first mass-market game for the Telegraph and adapted the format to TV for Skinner and Baddiel.
  • Founded Campfire, to inspire others to live and work in a more aligned and fulfilled way.
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Founder File of the Season

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Marine Tanguy, Founder, MTArt Agency

Marine Tanguy is a leading art entrepreneur and the founder of MTArt Agency, the world’s first talent agency for visual artists. Here, Carolyn Dailey talks to Marine about her business journey and her passion for bringing art to everyone, everywhere. In the process, she unpacks plenty of business tips for creative entrepreneurs.

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