Accountability Partner

We’ll match you up with your new creative BFF.

Go further together

Partner up with another creative entrepreneur in our community to accomplish your goals faster.

We’ll match you up with someone compatible – to brainstorm, track your progress, share ideas and projects, work on problems and define your next steps.

It’s a super-powerful way of getting stuff done.

  1. Being accountable

  2. Meet weekly, monthly, or however often suits you.
  3. Share your ideas, plans, obstacles and successes.
  4. Get peer-to-peer support for your entrepreneurial journey.
  5. Be 95% more likely to accomplish your goals by being accountable.

Meet your match

July’s matches have now been completed! If you registered for an Accountability partner throughout June, you should have now received an email with your new partner’s details.

Ready to get a partner for August?


Click here to add yourself to the mix. Registration for August’s pairing closes on the 31st of July.

We will make August’s matches on Tuesday, the 3rd August. We will pair you with the best possible partner, and introduce you. The rest is up to you.