• Anthony Hilton: Westminster is Clueless About Supporting UK Talent

    July 15, 2017
    • Anthony Hilton: Westminster is Clueless About Supporting UK Talent

    A recent letter to the Financial Times suggested that the millennials were the least entrepreneurial generation in half a century. The burden of student debt, the challenge of astronomic housing costs and the morale-sapping years of stagnant incomes had worn them down and killed any desire to take risks. This lack of adventure would not serve us well in a world where success would depend on the ability of the brightest and best to turn ideas and imagination into businesses and jobs.

    But most people take quite the opposite view. Nigel Wilson, the chief executive of Legal & General, for example, argues fiercely that we have more ideas and launch more companies than almost any other nation. This generation is far more likely to launch a business than his ever was, he says. And, given that his company is in the forefront of a nationwide programme of urban regeneration and infrastructure investment to rebuild our inner cities, he is in a good position to judge.

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