• Learning

    Breakthrough Music Business Summit Amsterdam

    Force Music Conferences & Artist Showcases


    October 20, 2017
    19:00 - 22:00
  • Breakthrough Music Business Summit Amsterdam
    TBC, Amsterdam, TBX
    Free Entrance

    This career & life changing event with former A&R Director, music industry success coach, and music business strategist will not only be a roadmap to further your career but in one night you will be able to break through the limiting beliefs and habits that have caused roadblocks in you achieving ultimate success in the music industry that you desire and deserve.

    This is not:

    • Artist showcase
    • A&R audition
    • A mixer

    This is for artists that want to find out how to take their career to the next level, whichever area that might be and receive the tools to achieve it.


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