With a free drink and pizza

Creativity doesn’t only exist in the 9 to 5. Ideas hit you in the morning, follow you around all day, and keep you up at night. Ideas for work, ideas for play.

Sometimes ideas for play become a reality – an idea you can’t keep to yourself, an idea you need to make happen. An idea that’s influenced by your creativity at work and inspired by your passion. A side-hustle.

“1 in 5 British workers are likely to start a side-hustle alongside their full-time job in the next two years.” GoDaddy 2017

Nikky Lyle of Nurture Creatives and Vikki Ross have collaborated to bring you Nurture Your Side-Hustle. Join us for a slice of inspiration, a slice of pizza and a bit of booze, and get inspired to make your side-hustle happen this year.

Look who’s talking:

Scarlett Montanaro – Creative, 18 Feet and Rising

Side-Hustle: Crack + Cider

“By day, Scarlett Montanaro is a mild-mannered digital creative but after hours (and occasionally in hours, with her agency’s permission), she transforms into a social enterprise pioneer.”

Campaign Magazine

Adam Lowe – Copywriter, Freelance

Side-Hustle: Last Seen Online

“Last Seen Online achieved something many others have tried and failed at over the last 10 years – a compelling, immersive story experience that uses the full potential of the smartphone.”

Rebecca Smart, Managing Director, Ebury Publishing, Penguin Random House UK

James Burke – Director and Founder, Acrylicize

Side-Hustle: Shesh

“James Burke is co-founder and Creative Director at art collective and consultancy Acrylicize. Established while James was at university in Manchester, as an extension of his final year project, the company now works with high-profile clients including Heinz, Google, British Airways, Mind Candy and stadiums including Wembley and Twickenham.”

Huffington Post

Frances Para-Mallam – Co-Founder, DUO Creative Media

Side-Hustle: Faaji Sundays

“Behold Faaji Sundays; the latest grub collective tearing up the London food scene. For those unfamiliar with the term (tsk), ‘drunch’ is a late-night alternative to brunch – essentially a boozy late evening dinner…Britain’s first drunch club has officially landed – and it’s a winner.”

Phoenix Magazine

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be there.