The World’s First Digital Blockchain Clothing Sells for $9,500

June 5, 2019

Move aside AR face filters and CGI influencers, it’s all about digital fashion now. The world’s first digital blockchain dress has just sold for $9,500 at an auction at the Ethereal Summit in New York.

Called “Iridescence”, the virtual garment – auctioned on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain – was made by Dutch startup The Fabricant, in collaboration with net artist and creator of everyone’s favourite futuristic face filter Beauty3000, Johanna Jaskowska, and Dapper Labs (not to be confused with Dapper Dan), the team behind online feline phenomena Cryptokitties. Using a combination of 2D garment pattern-cutting, 3D design, and rendering software, the hyperreal haute couture clothing item, much like Jaskowska’s glossy, artificial face filter lewks, appears to shimmer and float in mid-air – online, that is.

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