Over 130 MPs & Peers Have Backed a Call for the Government to Provide Specific Support for the Creative Sector

April 17th 2020

More than 130 MPs and peers have backed a call for a specific package of support for the UK’s creative industries.

They have signed a letter to the government warning that support announced as part of the coronavirus crisis has so far failed to reach “the very large numbers of directors of small limited companies, freelancers or agency workers that keep our creative industries booming”.

The letter predicts that unless action is taken quickly, creative industry workers and their families will be “left with no option than to join the ever-growing queue for universal credit”.

Daisy Cooper, the Lib Dem spokesperson for the DCMS, who coordinated the letter, said:

“Unlike Germany, the government’s response has been too slow. Ministers must resolve the gaps in their plans and come forward with adequate support or risk decimating Britain’s world leading creative industries, one of the fastest growing parts of the UK economy.”


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