“Logos date like clothes”: Six designers debate what makes an ideal brand identity

February 2, 2019

In the words of designer and publisher Lucienne Roberts, “logos en masse are as scrummy as sweets.” And just like a child with a sweet tooth, the creative industry often has a habit of indulging a little too much.

Our ability to comment on design events has grown hand in hand with the accessibility of the internet. That, coupled of course with the rise of social media and the emergence of design orientated sites such as ours, has encouraged logo and identity design to become a niche, but popular, talking point.

It’s a moment where designers are literally informing how we recognise and interact with the brands that shape our daily lives and, for that reason, it should be analysed. But, have we reached a point where the design community has forgotten what they are analysing and is it fair?

There are numerous motions designers have to go through to get an identity design to the point where it’s public facing. Teams of designers, company board members, and focus group participants have all debated an outcome. However, it seems that no matter the design boxes it ticks, a logo design will be dissected, discussed and probably disliked.

We got thinking about whether an identity design is ever absolute considering the weight it carries, particularly after seeing an in-depth collection of logo motifs in Adobe Stock’scollection. In an attempt to figure out what is the ideal identity, below we speak to designers Paula ScherInes CoxQuerida studioNeo NeoKoto and Lucienne Roberts to hear their processes from the brief to research, the actual designing, final outcome, and the reception it receives too.

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