How Startups Can Poach Talent from the Big Players

May 10, 2019

Small businesses often struggle to retain top talent, with larger companies able to lure them away with juicy salaries and attractive career development opportunities.

But some start-ups are reversing the trend – poaching corporate workers by offering a different kind of experience.

Kate Dooley used to work for New Look, the global fashion brand, before joining LeSalon, a beauty enterprise. She was most drawn to its creative culture. “Start-ups are still forming, so they’re more open to ideas that help them to grow and compete,” says the business development manager. “Your proposals are more likely to be heard and implemented, so you can make a bigger impact.”

With 15 employees, LeSalon is also free from “time-consuming” and “bureaucratic” processes. “I can make decisions quickly and decisively,” she says. “Questions or concerns can be taken straight to the chief executive, with whom I have a much stronger relationship.”

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