The creators of cult classic game, Monument Valley, have collaborated with Facebook to build a flagship game

Disruptive digital agency and friend of Creative Entrepreneurs, ustwo, has teamed up with Facebook Gaming to produce a new game, exclusive to the gaming platform: Go Go Bots.

For ustwo, as long-time collaborators of Facebook Gaming, having worked with them to define the foundational vision for the platform, being asked to create an engaging and digitally inspiring HTML5 game that would showcase the very best of what the platform has to offer, was the perfect way to realise the goal that they helped to define.

In ustwo's own words, Go Go Bots is:

"A fast-paced, strategic climbing game set in a glitchy, cyberpunk future. Choosing from one of five mechanical characters – each with its own unique powers and attributes – players race against the clock and each other to navigate hazard-strewn obstacle courses."

The game can be played on mobile devices and instant message threads - there's no need to download anything.

Facebook Gaming's mission is to be a platform where people can connect through their shared passion for play - a vision shared by ustwo.

Give Go Go Bots a go here.