Our membership community is bursting with exciting creative talent. Here we meet the Founder of The Shopster, to learn more about her experiences as a Creative Entrepreneur.

Name: Sylvie Lemlin

Business Name: The Shopster

Creative Sector: Fashion

Location: London

How many years have you been in operation? 1

Tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today: My background is in e-commerce, where I worked for more than 15 years before deciding to launch my own online platform, TheShopster.com. The Shopster is an online concept store offering a curated choice of fashion accessories, jewellery, books, furniture and gifts. The Shopster is a portmanteau of the words 'shopper' and 'hipster' - and that's the market I'm trying to serve!

Talk us through a recent workday: Work, gym or yoga, work, work, work ;-)  I think it is really important for an entrepreneur to have a clear, regular routine, it helps to structures your day and discipline your work.

What inspired you to start your own creative business? I saw a gap in the market for a  luxury online concept store.

What has been your biggest achievement to date? Being able to develop a big part of my business by myself thanks to workshops (including a Creative Entrepreneur course!) and online tools. Today it is much easier for an entrepreneur to start a business without a huge amount of financial help.

What has been your biggest challenge with starting up? Not quitting! You need to be persistent in the pursuit of your dreams.

One word that best describes your experience of being a creative entrepreneur: Freedom

What apps, gadgets or tools can’t you live without? Audible - Amazon's audio bookstore. I use it to find inspiration and business help.

How do you keep motivated and inspired? I love listening to inspirational books (audio books) or podcasts while I am working.

What’s the best/worse advice about starting a business you’ve ever received? The worst advice is "keep your business idea secret", I think an entrepreneur should share  their ideas widely and get feedback from his/her potential customers and peers.

What is your favourite thing about being a member of Creative Entrepreneurs? Having a community to share and listen to other entrepreneurs' challenges and share solutions.