Private Facebook Group

Connect, discuss and collaborate with your community.

An empowering community of creative peers

Questions answered. Resources shared. Ideas brainstormed. Our Private Facebook Group brings all our members together in one buzzing, brimming-with-talent network. It’s a place to spot brilliant new business opportunities, get valuable insights, pick each other’s brains and maybe even collaborate on some awesome projects.

Be a part of it

Our group discussion is one of the best aspects of Creative Entrepreneurs, so join in the fun: simply visit the group on Facebook HERE and hit join! You’ll need to provide the name and email you signed up to CE with, if the details differ from what we have we’ll get in touch via email to confirm your access as quickly as possible.


  2. We love interesting questions, quality conversation starters and interesting things you’ve seen.
  3. Provide candid feedback and fresh thinking, but stay civil, polite and supportive!
  4. Share your story and ask for feedback, but don’t hustle for customers or sales.
  5. To enable open and honest discussion, please don’t quote other members outside of the group.