The Circuit | Monthly Celebration of Creativity & Connection

Creative Entrepreneurs


April 1, 2020
19:00 - 20:30

**This event is now taking place on Instagram Live. Join us @creative_entrs

Imagine a space where a film maker learns to vogue, a coder collides with a pattern cutter, a fashion buyer meets a futurist.

Exciting things happen when creative people meet.

Creative Entrepreneurs are thrilled to invite you to the April edition of our monthly social, The Circuit. A place for creative people to shake off their silos and deep dive into the ever-refreshing pool of London-based creativity and innovation, this is a great way to kickstart your creative inspiration and boost your motivation in a fun, informal environment.

Each month, The Circuit features a pioneer who completely inspires us. Joining us in April is Pippa Hogg, Head of Studio at Ravensbourne University’s CreativeLab.

Pippa will share what she’s up to and where she sees the future heading in creativity, innovation and enterprise. We’ll then turn it over to you for a casual party where you can share ideas over drinks, and if serendipity should have it, meet your next creative collaborator!

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