The Circuit | Monthly Celebration of Creativity & Connection

Creative Entrepreneurs

Second Home, Clerkenwell Green

May 1, 2019
19:00 - 21:30
Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0EB

Imagine a space where a film maker learns to vogue, a coder collides with a pattern cutter, a fashion buyer meets a futurist.

Exciting things happen when creative people meet.

Creative Entrepreneurs are excited to invite you to the fifth edition of their monthly social The Circuit, a place for creative people to shake off their silos and deep dive into the ever-refreshing pool of London-based creativity and innovation.

Each month The Circuit will feature a pioneer who completely inspires us. They’ll share what they’re up to and where they see the future heading in creativity, innovation and enterprise. In May, we welcome Isabel Farchy, the founder of Creative Mentor Network, the charity dedicated to making the creative world of work more diverse and inclusive through mentoring.

Whilst teaching English and Media at an academy in West London, Isabel was struck by the limited opportunities her talented students had in finding interesting work experience in the creative industries, and how inaccessible creative careers can be for those who do not have an existing network to tap into.

She founded Creative Mentor Network in 2015 to match diverse students from across London with employees in thriving creative companies. Her innovative solution has helped to demystify creative career paths for hundreds of young people, whilst simultaneously providing a unique opportunity for the employees at creative powerhouses such as Soho House, Weiden & Kennedy and Sony Music, among many others, to enhance their leadership skills, explore bias and share their wisdom with the next generation of creative talent.

Join us to hear more about Isabel’s work and the unique challenges of running a charity in the creative industries. We’ll then turn it over to you for a great party where you can share ideas over drinks, and if serendipity should have it, meet your next creative collaborator!

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