‘Mills’ Miller, Founder of ustwo | The Founder Files

Creative Entrepreneurs

Tileyard Studios

July 12, 2016
18:30 - 21:30
Tileyard Road, N7 9AH

Our mission at Creative Entrepreneurs is to bring together the resources and inspiration which help creative people start and grow their own businesses. A cornerstone of that aim is to let people hear directly from leading creative Founders. In fact, people tell us they often find this more valuable than technical business advice.

So we are launching ‘The Founder Files’, our new conversation series which lets you hear directly from and engage directly with some of the most exciting creative Founders around.

We kick-off on Tuesday 12 July with ‘Mills’ Miller, Co-Founder of ustwo, the creator of multi-award- winning cult videogame ‘Monument Valley’. House of Cards fans will recall Frank Underwood getting hooked in The White House.

You’ll have a chance to ask Mills how he and co-Founder ‘Sinx’ Sinclair grew ustwo from a passion project between two childhood friends into four global businesses across three continents, while staying unshakably committed to their founding principle of creating the best in design and imagination. Or, as Mills puts it, ‘the type of art you need to put on your wall.’

To keep the creative juices flowing, we are hosting the event at Tileyard Studios, a thriving creative ecosystem just north of Kings Cross. It’s home to the music studios of artists including Mark Ronson,The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx, as well as a wide spectrum of creative companies working in film & TV, fashion and creative tech. And, yes, Uptown Funk did spring from here, but that’s just a detail.

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