Startup Essentials: Investment, Grants & Loans

Creative Entrepreneurs

The Design Museum

March 3, 2020
18:30 - 20:00
224-238 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6AG
£90/£45 for Creative Entrepreneurs Members

Raising enough money to get your creative business off the ground and sustain growth through the early years is the number one priority for all entrepreneurs. The main reason most start-ups fail is not because their idea isn’t strong, but because they run out of the funds needed to support their venture.

Curated by Creative Entrepreneurs, this three-part course will give you an overview of the major funding sources available to you through seminar discussions and activities, over three consecutive Tuesday evenings.

Whether you have already started a creative business, have an idea for a new one or just want to learn more, we welcome you to join this course.

Session One: Investment
• Harnessing your Savings: Invest in yourself as long as possible
• Friends and Family – the dos, don’ts, whens and hows
• Approaching Outside Investors: creating a killer investment pitch
• How to decide which investor is most suited to your business
• Angel investors, venture capital, or private equity?
• Crowdfunding: how it works, and what you can offer your ‘funders’ in return

Session Two: Loans
• What are lenders looking for and why?
• Loans on favourable terms for startups – what are they and how can you apply for one?
• Bank loans – which banks are committed to helping creative businesses? How do you stand out?
• Determining the amount that you need to borrow
• Interest rates: what to expect – How high is too high?

Session Three: Grants
• Overview of grant schemes and the grant-making process
• Who qualifies for grants and how?
• How much can you expect to receive?
• When is the best time to apply for a grant?
• How to write a grant application

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