Farillio: Curated Legal Templates: Free Three-Month Trial & 15% Discount

We are delighted to offer our members an exclusive free three-month trial of legal template and advice platform Farillio, and a further 15% discount when you sign up.

Get essential Covid-19 guidance and materials, as well as so much more that’s relevant to our creative industry and helps to protect and support us right now. Farillio shares our same mission and brings you smart minds, with smart solutions, who are determined to ensure you’re getting all the right, up-to-date information you need.

Watch the short key Q&A videos, keep up with announcements and understand what they mean for you and your freelance, early stage or more established business, create the materials you may need to agree terms with landlords, manage your staff, reach emergency arrangements with suppliers or customers, and speak with experts when you need someone to fight this with you.

Together with our community, Farillio’s working tirelessly to make sure we all #LeaveNoSMEBehind.