• Why Businesses Need Imagination to Stay Ahead

    May 12, 2018
    • Why Businesses Need Imagination to Stay Ahead

    What does innovation mean?

    For me innovation is a great idea that is executed brilliantly and communicated well – it’s an idea that addresses a specific challenge and achieves value for your customer and your company.

    Do you have an example of a good strategy to encourage employees to share ideas?

    Innovation comes from everywhere if you have the culture to see it, but it’s so easy to make it complicated, which then kills innovation. When I worked at IBM we had a 24-hour “IdeasJam” – it was a great way for employees across the business to share ideas and it was something everyone looked forward to participating in. 

    Having worked on numerous employee engagement projects, I’d recommend being specific about what you want ideas for. If you ask everyone to come up with ideas on anything, you will just implode with an array of suggestions.

    The thing that always works is taking people out of their normal environment and welcoming a variety of perspectives – so get out of the office and invite a range of employees, clients and partners.

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