• Imagining the Next 20 Years of Work

    September 25, 2017
    • Imagining the Next 20 Years of Work

    The world is changing at the fastest rate since the Industrial Revolution, and that’s all thanks to technology. I am a technological optimist – I think there are more opportunities than threats. But there are certainly some choppy waters we need to navigate over the next few years.

    Tech is impacting every aspect of our lives – how we communicate, how we cooperate, and most acutely of all, how we work.

    The internet has radically altered the global landscape, but we’ve only had it for about two decades. The next twenty years will render employment unrecognisable – we’ll be working in different ways, for different people, and we’ll be doing jobs that currently don’t exist.

    But what does this mean for both employees and businesses, and the future self-employed? Are we leading the changes?

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