• At the Mercy of Your Inbox? How to Cope with Email Overload

    November 4, 2017
    • At the Mercy of Your Inbox? How to Cope with Email Overload

    Emails can be major source of stress and disruption in our lives. But there are ways to take back control.

    Email is over 30 years old and hasn’t changed that much since its inception. But over the years we have been letting it take over our lives. It started out as a basic electronic messaging system, and we now use it to communicate everything – from the simplest to the most complex messages. Many of us email people we sit next to in the office instead of talking face to face, and let new emails interrupt whatever we are doing.

    About 269bn emails are sent a day, according to data from the Radicati Group [pdf], which means almost 2.4m emails are sent every second. So it’s hardly surprising that email overload is now a major cause of stress and disruption. People either feel they can never completely disconnect, or find they are drowning in torrents of new emails if they do manage to take time to switch off.

    There are a few approaches people use to help deal with email overload:

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