• What We’ve Learned Building a Remote Culture

    September 02, 2018

  • What We’ve Learned Building a Remote Culture
    By Nick FrancisCo-founder of @helpscout

    One of the best decisions we’ve made at Help Scout is to build a remote culture.

    The ~80 people on our remote team hail from more than 50 cities in over 12 countries around the world. While the benefits of a remote culture are tremendous, being successful requires radical commitment from leadership on your team.

    As a founder or manager, this isn’t a decision to take lightly, because it will undoubtedly make your job harder. Remote teams require more structure, better communication, and a high level of proactive transparency from you.

    We’ve made our fair share of mistakes and learned a lot over the last seven-plus years. My goal is to share the most important learnings, along with the data, so you can apply at least one insight (whether you are remote or not) to your team.


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